Suresh Kalmadi Personal Profile:

Father’s Name : Late Dr. Shamrao Kalmadi

Mother’s Name : Late Smt. Shanta Shamrao Kalmadi

Wife’s Name : Smt. Meera Kalmadi

Date of Birth : May, 1, 1944

Children : 2 Daughters, 1 Son


Edu. Qualification : Educated at Fergusson College, Pune & Graduated from National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla and Air Force Flying College, Jodhpur and Allahabad.

Present Address : Kalmadi House

2, K. Kamraj, Lane, New Delhi-110011

Nationality : Indian

Languages : English, Hindi, Marathi & Kannada.

Profession : Member of Parliament & Businessman.

Position held in IAAF : Asia Area Representative on IAAF Council
since 2001.


Additional Information:

1960 – 1963 : Cadet – National Defence Academy

1964 : Attended Air Force Flying College, Jodhpur & Allahabad

1965 : Commissioned as Pilot in Indian Air-Force.

1964 -1974 : Served in Indian Air-Force.

1977 : President, Pune Youth Congress.

1977 – 80 : President, Youth Congress, Maharashtra.

1981 – 86 : President, Indian Youth Congress (S)

1982 – 88 : Member of Parliament (RajyaSabha)

1984–85 &1990-92 : Member of Committee on Petitions.

1986 – 88 : Member, Committee on Subordinate Legislation,

Member, Committee on Defence in Parliament,

Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Defence,

Secretary, Congress (S) Parliamentary Party.

1988 – 94 : Member of Parliament (RajyaSabha) [2nd term].

1994 – 95 : Member of Parliament (RajyaSabha) [3rd term].

Sep.,1995–May,1996 : Union Minister of State, Railways.

1996 : Member of Parliament (11thLokSabha)

Member, Committee on Defence.

1996 – 97 : Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Defence.

1998 – 99 : Spokesman, Congress (S) Parliamentary Party.

1998 – 2004 : Member of Parliament (RajyaSabha) [4th term].

1998 – 2004 : Member, Committee on Public Undertakings.

1999 – 2004 : Member, Committee on Public Undertakings.

2003 – 2004 : Treasurer, Congress Parliamentary Party.

2004 : Member of Parliament (14thLokSabha) [2nd term].

Member, Committee on Public Undertakings,

Member, Committee on Defence.

2005 : Secretary, Congress Parliamentary Party.

2007 : Member, Standing Committee on Defence.

2009 : Member of Parliament (15thLokSabha) [3rd term].

Special Interests : Social & Cultural Activities, Literary, Artistic & Scientific accomplishments and Other Social Interests:

  • Flying, Sports, Environment, Finance, Tourism and Defence.

  • Sports, Recreation & Favourite Pastimes.


  1. Indian Olympic Association since 1996
  2. Asian Athletics Association since 2001
  3. Athletics Federation of India since 1987 to 2005


  1. Organising Committee of Commonwealth Youth Games, Pune – 2008
  2. Organising Committee of Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010.
  3. National Games, 1994
  4. Afro – Asian Games, 2003
  5. Pune Festival Committee (since 1988)
  6. Pune International Marathon (since 1985)
  7. Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, 1988-89.

Patron, Nehru BalSangh.

Countries Visited:

Widely travelled

Other Information:

Conducted International Marathon 27 times; International Permit Athletic Meets – 8 times; Road Races Freedom 40 & Nehru Centenary Celebrations with unprecedented participation; Introduced – Asian Grand Prix, Indoor Athletics and All Star Championships in Asia; Successfully hosted World Half Marathon, 2004; Organised, National Games at Pune, Bangalore, Manipur, Punjab, Hyderabad, Guwahati and Jharkhand.

In Brief

Mr.Kalmadi was educated at Fergusson College, Pune. He graduated from the National Defence Academy and served as Pilot in the Indian Air Force from 1964 to 1974. He later became the President of the Youth Congress of Pune and subsequently of the Maharashtra State.

Mr. Kalmadi has been a member of the Indian Parliament for the last 30 years, first of the Upper House and later of the Lower House, since 1982 and has been a member of the Union Cabinet as a Minister of State. He has served with distinction on various Committees of the Parliament, besides holding key organisational positions of Treasurer and Secretary in the Congress Party.

He is a doyen of the Indian Sports and has been the President of the Indian Olympic Association since 1996, Asian Athletics Association since 2001 and the Athletics Federation of India from 1987 to 2005 and also the Council Member of the International Association of Athletics Federation Being at the helm of affairs of NOC, he immensely contributed to the promotion and development of the Sports in India and has been the driving force behind organising a number of International Sporting events in India.

  • A leading businessman of India owns several companies in different parts of the country.

  • Connected with various Business, Social and Cultural Organisations in various parts of the world.

  • As Minister of Indian Railways, the world’s largest employer, granted special privileges and 75% concessions to sports-persons, including athletes as well as coaches, for travelling throughout the length & breadth of India, for sports meets. He also granted free travel for all federations’ office bearers.

  • As NOC president, ensured that corporate sponsorships to the NOC of India and all the National Federations receive 100% Income Tax exemption by the Government of India. This has greatly boosted corporate participation in the world of Sports.

  • As Member of Parliament, have always worked for the increased budgetary allocation for creating infrastructure, facilities and training for sports all over the country especially for athletics.

  • As AFI President, helped bring several world-wide athletic events to India and popularising the same.

  • As AFI President, Initiated the Junior Athletic Programme in 1990 which has started shoeing results with athletes from this programme winning Medals at various International Events. 

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